The Social Skill Survival Guide Every PARENT needs
Know what to do, when to do, and how to do because you, Parents, “Can Do!”

Do your kids need social skills?
Do you need a program to know how to teach them?
Do you want to make the changes for your kiddos through practical everyday things you are already doing? 
Do you want to unlock the secret of teaching your kids these social skills is as easy as reading a story to your kids each night? 
If the answer to this is yes, please check it out! 

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My kiddo needs social skills-- How do I help them?
Know what to do, when to do, and how to do because you Parents “Can Do!”
Have you ever been out in public, at a restaurant, park, or at a birthday party and heard your kiddo say something like, 
“This is so boring!” Or 
“I hate that food!"
"Why didn’t you buy Pizza?” Or 
“This is a dumb game!” 
And you felt like you wanted to die of embarrassment? 

I’m sure you have a few stories you could share about overhearing your kiddos blunt (even truthful) but completely socially embarrassing statements. 

And you are thinking 
Why do they do that?” 
"I thought they knew better."
"We don’t say things like that.
"What is going on?"

Have there been times that you watch your kiddo have a meltdown over their food not being cooked the right way, or their drink was in the blue cup and not the red cup? The bargaining, crying, refusal the this is a HUGE problem reaction to something that is really NOT a problem, is a perspective-taking skill and problem-solving skill. You want your kiddo to know how to do it, but when you think about it, How do you do it?  
Exhausted? Do you feel like you are at your wit's end? Can't take it anymore?
Did that embarrassing phrase slip out of our kiddo's mouth--again? 
Do you wish they had a filter to help stop that from happening?
What about this scenario in front of everyone:
It's mine! 
It's Mine!

Would you like the change it and see sharing instead of the battle happen for your kiddo?
Well, you are NOT alone! 
I’m with you. 
I’m a mother of nine children and four are on the Autism Spectrum, so let me tell ya, I get it.  

• Is this you?
• Are you still feeling worried every time to leave the house to go somewhere, are you waiting for the mother of all meltdowns?  
• Are you overwhelmed thinking, “I’ve tried grounding them, threatening them, even trying to praise the positive stuff but my kiddo still struggles!”  
• 1 in 7 parents is feeling the same way. Are you that 1 out of those seven? 
• Even though you recently have tried new skills or approaches, are you just surviving? 
• Don’t you want to live and thrive and not just survive this parenting challenge?  
• Do you want to find a way to help the embarrassing outbursts? 
• Do you want to learn how to teach your kiddo how to share with others?
• Or to help them understand perspective taking skills?  

Parent Connections Program is the answer for you! Take advantage of our Black Friday Three Day Sale!    

What are the Benefits of the
Parenting Connections 
program for you? 
TIME:  Time is precious. My program will save your time from trying to search endlessly for answers. It is already in one place!  Parent Connections

RESOURCES: Parent Connections has all the resources (book lists, eBooks, videos, social stories and more) at your fingertips! These resources will make the difference in your children’s lives.  
• You are able to share the resources (like the vocabulary list, the book list, or the skills sheet) with other family members, teachers, or other places so that everyone involved with your kiddo can use the same language to help him or her generalize the skills across the settings 

• SKILLS: The skills are taught in 10 minute lessons one time a day and can be emphasized at reading time (these are things you are already doing!  YEAH!) 

• The training videos are only 10 minutes or less again—not eating up your precious time. 

• You don’t waste any time looking for the skills.  They are mapped out.  

• Who is ready to make the social changes for their kids
• Wants to feel empowered and no longer hopeless  
• Who is willing to put in the work to make the difference for their kids. 
And for Parents who NEVER want to feel 
• Hopeless 
• Overwhelmed 
• Or grief for their kid’s future 
Parents I believe in you!  I know I can save you TIME, RESOURCES, and SKILL searching with my program PARENT CONNECTIONS!

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Parent Connections Course include:
18 lessons
Parent guide worksheets
Social skills worksheets

Bonuses include:
Book List

Parents have a list of books at their fingertips and don’t have to waste time searching and searching for it.

Vocabulary List
Parents can print off the list and give it to their child’s teacher, church leader, or relative so that you can use the same terms to help them generalize the skill.

The benefit of having all the lessons in one place for Parents to find what they need in a quick reference!  Again, a time saver!

Memory Files
I combine 4 skills into one teaching so that you can see how the skills cross over and are used during an event like Thanksgiving dinner!  Again Time SAVER!
Who is April?
April is a social and emotional empowerment coach, speaker, and published author who directs people to discover their worth so that they can navigate the chaos of life, illuminate their impact, and become a Beacon of Light to the World!

April is also a mom who teaches parents to release the light within to guide their children with skill so that they thrive in school, social settings, and life.
Join Parent Connections now
E-book $97 Value
18 Lesson Videos $997 Value
Social Stories $297 Value
Parent Guide $297 Value
Vocabulary List $47 Value
Book List $97 Value
Skills Sheet $27 Value
Memory File Video $75 Value
Access to Facebook Group Priceless
Total value of $1934
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